The De Danaan School of Irish Dance is a strong, supportive, and safe community that is united by our passion for Irish dancing, music, and culture.

Our Philosophy

We believe that Irish dancing is for all ages and stages! Our main goal is to pass on the passion for Irish dance, music, and culture while inspiring today’s children, youth, and young adults to become “the absolute best they can be” in life.

Our instructors help our students develop their talents to their highest level while continuously helping them improve their confidence, physical strength, endurance, flexibility, and performance in a disciplined class environment. Our goal is to empower our students to dream big, to grow, and to envision themselves being way beyond where they are today!

To achieve this excellence, De Danaan has a goal-oriented but fun teaching philosophy. Dancers are challenged to strive for excellence in a safe environment and receive amazing support from our instructors, staff members, and fellow dance families. Creating and fostering great life-long dance friendships is a key aspect of our dance community.

Dancers that stick with the De Danaan School of Irish Dance over the long term are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills with our unique mentoring and teacher training program.  De Danaan continues to nurture and foster the strong, positive, and supportive family-oriented dance community that we have built together for over 20 years! 

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Commitment to Excellence

With 21 years of dance teaching experience, we are dedicated to developing talent at recreational, competitive, and performance levels. We provide every student with a solid foundation for Irish dance and empower them to discover and develop their own personal strengths in order to reach their highest potential.

Commitment to Inspire

We are all students of Irish dance, of performance, and of life. Through our shared learning experiences at De Danaan we strive to inspire our students and to also be inspired by our students. We grow, learn, teach, create, develop, and have fun while passing on our passions and love for Irish dance.

Commitment to the Team!

Together as a team (dancers, instructors, staff members, parents, and friends), we share the responsibility for building a supportive community.  As a team we commit to working together in order to empower, train, and develop our dancers to reach their full potential in both dance and life. We place the highest value on respect – respect for each other and respect for ourselves. Our goal is to provide each dance student with a positive experience that will be looked back upon as an important and wonderful part of their life.

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