Eire Born Floor: Raffle and Legacy

EBIDS would like to share with NPIDA families a very unique fundraising opportunity. This past summer, Eire Born performed at the Steveston Docks for the 15th consecutive year and danced on the famous Eire Born floor. Sadly, it was a curtain call for our floor.


The good news is that YOU and your dancer can own a piece of Eire Born history: EBIDS is raffling off sections of the floor! This opportunity to own a piece of Eire Born/NPIDA history is open to current registered NPIDA families. The sections and prices are listed below.

Please send an e-mail to msbcoutureATgmail.com indicating your choice by September 19th. If your name is chosen, an EBIDS representative will contact you and arrange for pick up.

  1. 1 plain piece $15
  2. 1 painted piece $20
  3. 4 pieces ($60-80)
  4. 6 pieces ($75-$120)

EBIDS Dance Floor: A 15-year History!

The shiny black floor with the Celtic design that most have seen at the “Dock Shows” in Richmond, came in to being in 2002 when two NPIDA dance dads, better known as Pat and Vic, built a small 8’x12′ dance floor for an NPIDA performance at the Steveston Docks for the 2002 Tall Ships celebration.

Freshly painted with a sprung base, the co-builders were shocked when the dancers danced off the floor during the reel routine, rendering the floor too small to accommodate the high flying, fast moving Eire Born dancers. Vic and Pat went back to work and added more interlocking pieces to make the floor bigger and better.

Over the past 16 years, the 25-piece floor has seen many coats of paint; nuts bolts and screws; and generations of NPIDA dancers from Beginner to Championships. Like all good things, time and wear take their toll. The days of the famed black floor are coming to an end. However, the legacy of a host to many an Irish dance show lives on in memory.

– By Patrick M


Thank you to Bridget for submitting the following on behalf of EBIDS, and to Patrick for submitting the history of the Eire Born floor.

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